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reply to buildersboy

Re: Linksys X2000 New Firmware-IPv6 Implement

@buildersboy: Thanks for posting It helps me get away from the problematic

For me beside the cookies issue, UPnP also doesn't work correctly. It does the mapping but doesn't open the firewall, so actual incoming connections can't be made. It's really annoying.

@All: Any of you have the same UPnP problem, on

Max Doubt

In addition to other problems described in this thread...

The pop-up window at Setup -> DHCP Reservation doesn't show any information. The reserved IP address for my main computer seems to be working. The router hasn't issued a different address since I installed the firmware, but that pop-up screen doesn't list any reserved addresses, or show any devices at all for that matter..

Also the Status -> Local Network -> DHCP Client Table contains no information. Normally this would show the currently issued addresses of all my computers and my wireless DVD player. It just shows the column headers and doesn't even build a table.

I'm surprised Cisco is allowing these issues to just hang out there without some sort of remedy.