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Red Deer, AB
reply to TheMG

Re: Windows server 2008 and exchange 2010

said by TheMG:

said by pfak:

Why would you even get ADSL service if you 're a business and wanting to run servers is beyond me.

A lot of areas can't get anything better than ADSL. Remember, not everyone is in major urban centers!

Then again in such a situation, I'd just rent dedicated servers in a datacenter to host all the internet-facing applications/functions. Faster and cheaper.

Personally, I would just colocate as it's cheaper, however some biz owners like their data to be in a room in the building. Gives them all warm and fuzzy feeling knowing it's not in some DC and on the other side of their wall.

·NorthWest Tel
said by rustydusty:

Personally, I would just colocate as it's cheaper

Yeah, it is the cheaper alternative, assuming you're within reasonable driving distance to a DC, as with colocation you have to supply and maintain the hardware.

For me, colocation is not a viable option as it's a 5 hour drive to the nearest DC.

Yes, I am aware that some DCs offer to install the hardware for you, and perform any hardware changes/repairs on request, but of course that costs extra, and there can be considerable delays in shipping replacement hardware if things go south.


Red Deer, AB
When I say cheaper, I meant the connection and power price. You can get a way better port and connection plan, backbone providers, etc, than you can anywhere here. There's no descent DC's here, though. You can't get a 100Mb unmetered for anywhere near the price you can at many colocation providers. Telus offered us 50Mb fiber, 94Mb bi-directional, unmetered, 5 statics for $2300/month on 5 year term. Not bad considering we currently pay ~1500 for 6 bonded T1's.