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Philadelphia, PA

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Please recommend a great custom built computer place?

Can anyone recommend a great place online to have a custom built computer put togther with options for a lot of different name brand parts. Looking for a place that is known for building reliable, Clean inside the case, Quiet, Good prices and uses name brand parts. Also I am not looking to build the Ultimate Gaming computer. I just want a new fast modern computer that will be great for running lots of software at the same time, can play HD 1080P videos with ease and is very fast at converting all kinds of videos. I do most of my gaming now a days on the PS3.

Now I already have a nice ATI Radeon 6000 Series card that I can stick in so I need a place that gives you options to only install the parts you really need.

Also what would you guys recommend for the CPU and Motherboard as far as best bang for your buck? And do you think now is a great time to upgrade or is there something new and a lot better coming in the next few months?

I will be upgrading from a Intel Core 2 Duo 6700.

Basically I would love to build a pretty powerful computer for around $1,000 or less if possible. And I am looking for a Intel Quad Core with a motherboard with all the latest connections and at least 16GB of memory!

Also would it be a lot cheaper if I just got all my parts from Newegg and then have a local computer shop build it for me?


Orland Park, IL
Why not just build it yourself and get exactly what you want?
It isn't all that difficult, and there are many tutorials online to guide you along including help from this forum.
Do you know someone who has prior experience in "building" that could "hold your hand" while you put your new rig together?

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reply to gate1975mlm
Buy it off Newegg, put it together yourself.

I was in the same boat as you 6 years ago--intimidated by building myself and convinced it was only for overclockers and extreme modders.

I built my own almost 4 years ago and haven't looked back. Since then, I have helped half a dozen friends and family build their own computers. This includes men in their 50s who haven't done anything beyond installing RAM, to 14 year olds who have never touched a computer beyond the keyboard and mouse.

If you EVER played with legos, you can put a computer together.

For you, it would be best to buy the parts off Newegg and put them together yourself. If your video converting program is multi-threaded, I'd suggest an i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge, Z77 motherboard for starters.
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Fountain Hills, AZ
reply to gate1975mlm
I had one custom built at Puget Systems several years ago (»www.pugetsystems.com/) . I picked the components with some advise from the sales guy and it has been working great for me for years. You may be able to do it cheaper on your own but I liked the fact that all components are burned in/tested and processor temp logs are included (for future comparison) as are all of the additional hardware/wires that come with all of the components. Bought a second lower end system for my son from them last year and it too has been flawless.
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Saint Paul, MN
reply to gate1975mlm
said by gate1975mlm:

Also would it be a lot cheaper if I just got all my parts from Newegg and then have a local computer shop build it for me?

Probably be best to just go with the local computer shop. I doubt you'll find a company that will built it without a video card. Your price point cuts out most of the boutique places. Odds are a local company can build with whatever parts you want, and will use your existing card in the build. I spec'd out the parts for a machine, way back in the 90s, and they didn't have any issues.

Then again you might be better off just purchasing a built rig.
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