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reply to viperm

Re: First new site for us we are moving in.

Fair enough, Do they have a grounding ring ?

I just noticed that grounding rod doesn't look like a 11 foot copper coated rod. I would recommend installing a new grounding rod and moving the rack's ground over to it.

That just looks like that iron rod you weld together then build forms for and poor concrete in when your building something like a bridge.

That is one sweet site.

edit: If the cell company has a grounding ring just connect your rack to it at the rod closest to the building. It will provide more protection then that.

Carpe Diem
Winchester, CA
Yes the current ground rod looks like a piece of rebar that was placed in the ground when the pad was poured. I have no idea how deep it goes. The grounds attached to it go in a couple directions and look like about 10 guage copper that go directly into the ground and possibly around. I have not investigated to much this day as I was on a time crunch. I will look further in the next couple weeks.

This is not owned or operated by a cell company they are only a tenant. I will try and dig up more from the owners of the tower maybe some old as builts or something.