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Tv interference to my HF station

Hi. I'm having RF interference from my tv's in to my HF station. Can someone help me? Francisco: wo6s

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Burlington, WV
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Have you tried turning them off, one by one until the interference ceases? Once you have identified the one that is causing the issue may it is as simple as placing a toroid on the line cord.

Also are they all the same make and model or different makes and model? Have you checked with the manufacturer to see if they have had similar issues reported?

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to Francisco
What kind of TV? If it's a plasma TV you're out of luck unless you get a new TV.


Surrey, BC
said by fifty nine:

What kind of TV? If it's a plasma TV you're out of luck unless you get a new TV.

I don't know how those things get through UL or CSA testing. They
are freakin' broadband transmitters!

I also have 6 GU-10 LED lights in my kitchen that wipe out all AM
radio for 100 feet!


Just be lucky it isn't a KingRex QS-1 amplifier based on the Tripath chip. Customer sent one of these to me across country to convert to 110v operation. When I tested it, the waveform on the scope was thick with RF hash. On the spectrum analyzer it was putting out 875KHz just 30 dB below the amps' 50W output, with harmonics every octave up to about 4.5Mhz. Ended up modding his amp after informing him that his neighbors might complain (speaker wire makes a decent antenna for radiating this hash). A lot of new audio gear is RF noisy, but the Tripath stuff is over the top noisy.


Fremont, OH
reply to Francisco
One other thing, what if any service do you have for your tv?


Torrington, CT
reply to FaxCap
Its FCC testing that it passed, nothing to do with UL or CSA.

You can file a complaint with the FCC. Im not sure if its still like the old days, but the FCC will make the manufacturer contact you. O wait your in CA. In that case you should contact DoC