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Re: Are you a "collector"?

Actually, the Laserdisc format ended up becoming a crucial prototype for the DVD format. It had closed captions, commentary tracks, special features, multi-channel sound formats (PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS), widescreen aspect ratios, and even anamorphic widescreen support during its final days. The only items that were missing were menus, alternate angles, and component video (Laserdiscs were analog composite video only).

If the Laserdisc format didn't exist, the DVD format would have had to start from scratch.

But try viewing a Laserdisc on a high definition TV today, and the results are horrific to say the least, mainly because no TV manufacturer wants to shell out good money to support a dying video format, resulting in composite inputs with extremely poor video performances and lousy comb filters.
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Yeah. Laserdisc was the grandfather to DVD. Pretty sure you can buy line doublers and upconverters that will make LD's look pretty damn sweet on HD screens... but I don't know much about them nor care to invest in them as I'm continuing to view the analog source on an analog CRT. The next best thing just after LaserDisc was MUSE HI-Vision LD. More or less HD LD.
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