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Kingston, ON
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Re: Are you a "collector"?

said by FaxCap:

said by Hydraglass:

I collect old outboard motors... I have 2 from the 1940s, 3 from the 1950s, 3 from the 60's, and 4 from the 70s... Johnson, Mercury, Scott-Atwater/Champion, Chrysler, Evinrude and Gale so far... who knows maybe this winter I'll add another unit to the collection. It started out with donations from cottagers around the lake where my cottage is... since then I've added here and there - kijiji ads, barn and yard sale finds, etc...

That is a kool collection! All you need is some space. Takes up a bit
more room that baseball cards.


Yeah - right now the collection is split across my basement at the cottage and my shed at home. I leave the newer less "rare" motors at the cottage. If someone swipes them I won't be heatbroken - the 70s motors are a dime a dozen (that's Chrysler, Johnson, and Evinrude stuff). The 61 Scott-Atwater, 48 Gale, 50 Champion, 54 Johnson, and 63 Mercury are among the ones at home that I keep closer, and tend to work on restoring over the winter. I spend lots of time on old used outboard motor forums watching for parts and pieces. Some of the motors are missing cowlings, ignition, flywheels, one is sans a lower unit, etc... but with time I should be able to restore almost all of them to "workable" if not working condition. I doubt any will ever see the back of a boat, but they may run in a test drum some day. So far I got the 54 Johnson 5.5 running like a top, and the '63 mercury starts and idles but dies above around 1000 rpms... still some work to do there! My '72 Johnson 50Hp has been completely restored, and runs great but it weighs about 300 pounds so it's not one I do much with - I may sell it some day as it's just too big and heavy for "collecting" purposes.
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Small block Chevies rule
Halifax, NS
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Re: Are you a "collector"?


About 30 years ago my cousin Danny gave me a Burago 1/18th scale diecast of a 1957 Corvette. I've been hooked ever since. I must have 70 diecasts mostly in 1/18th scale but also a scattering of 1/24th & 1/25th...

When I was a lad in early 1960's I used to build plastic scale car model kits by Johan, MPC, Revell, AMT, Lindsay in 1/25th scale. Oddly Mongram kits were in 1/24th scale... I also had a few 1/32 kits.

I did build the odd airplane or military tank but my passion has always been cars, especially cars of the 1930's to 1960's era....

I still have 8 or so unbuilt kits which I purchased over the last 30 years including a 1/8th scale model of a 1984 Corvette by Monogram and a 1/16th 1960's AC Shebly Cobra by MPC...

Lately I build my car models on my computer using 3D software....Nothing awesome but still learning the software...

I also have quite a few comic books I collected over the years. Mostly Marvel Comics group. Loved the work of Stan Lee and the art of jack Kirby, Steve Dikito, Barry Windsor Smith & John Buscema...

Plus plenty of car & hot rod mags & books, art & photography mags & books....