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Dallas, TX
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Re: [TWC] Website blocked???

Well ain't this a head scratcher.. I contacted TWC/roadrunner and they asked me to flush the dns which I did and then to try ping the site which I did and it failed, I have tried using my laptop which is new and runs windows 8 IE 10, no luck, the imac running safari had no luck and this desktop running Win 7 and Chrome with no luck, however if I use my smartphone and AT&T 4g then no problem I can connect, but as soon as I switch to wifi (my TWC ISP) it does not connect.

What in the world could this be then"


Jamestown, NY
What exactly is the setup you are using? From the Internet to the PC what is inline? Device and model # please.

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reply to Pstoppel
That site is working for me on my TWC RR connection. TWC isn't blocking it.

What IP address are you getting for www.sketchucation.com ?

Don't worry about the lack of ping response, they just don't anyway, it's not just you. Microsoft does the same and like this works fine.

This site looks like it's hosted in Germany. Can you post a trace route to it? The last hop I see that responds is hetzner.de which is the hosting company of the site.

If the trace goes all the way to hetzner.de, then some thing along the lines of either the hosting company is blocking you or something on your own network is blocking it (like misconfigured ad blocking or something like it).
If it's important, back it up... twice. Even 99.999% availability isn't enough sometimes.