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Evans, GA

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Re: [Theory] Learn to write Macros

Command Stacking
Our macros thus far have been pretty much one-liners. We've played with ways to macro in several options for one button click/smash but we have not come anywhere near our 255 character limit. We can have macros activate spells and abilities that are not on the Global Cooldown (GCD) or we can stack macros to either take advantage of spell cooldowns.

Let's look at how to stack abilities NOT on the GCD before casting an actual spell.

/use PotionName
/cast ClassCooldownBuff
/cast [Conditionals] Spell
See the following post for some of the abilities that are off the GCD.

Another approach is to take advantage of Cooldowns to stack abilities
/cast Barkskin
/cast Survival Instincts
/cast Might of Ursoc
As each ability is cast, it gets put on cooldown, so the next time the macro is invoked, the WoWClient will skip the ability on cooldown and fire the next one. This particular macro is a feral druid "oh crap" survivability macro... so it would get spammed.

But not all abilities have cooldowns beyond the GCD. So not all classes can just stack commands (DoT classes, particularly). That's where Castsequence steps in.

Cast Sequence
said by Macro-WoW :
The /castsequence macro is a very useful type of macro code that can make some seriously complicated macros. Lots of players think they can make a DPS in one button macro or a DPS rotation macro and do competitive DPS. That is usually not the case. For a perfect min/max dps sequence, you have too many factors in place to make a decent cast sequence.

However, you can use these macros to improve your gameplay, reduce some clicks and even improve your pvp play considerably. The big thing to remember is it won’t make you play perfectly, just a whole lot better.

The syntax for a castsequence macro is as follows:
/castsequence [conditionals] resetparameter spell, spell, spell

All of the conditionals we discussed earlier (targeting, modifiers, stance) will work here. So,
/castsequence [@focus, harm][@focustarget, harm][@target]reset=Target/Combat Curse of the Elements, Agony, Corruption, Drain Soul

So, if your Focus is the bad guy, or your good-guy focus targets a bad guy, the sequence will target that. Otherwise your target will have to do.

But let's talk about how the macro moves through it's sequence and then about the resetparameter. The spell will fire one ability each time the macro is activated. One activation equals one spell within the castsequence. Nothing is allowed to be fully automated (botting). So, if the above macro is spammed (we'll ignore cast time and GCD for right now) the warlock's spells will fire in this order:
• first click: Curse of the Elements
• second click: Agony
• third click: Corruption
• fourth click: Drain Soul

My personal preference is to front load the instant casts (usually dots) and end in a spell that has a cast time (or is channeled) and a visually recognizable spell effect. Why? Because I like to know when I've reached the end of my cast sequence without counting dots or how many times I fired the macro. In the above example the resetparameter was set as "reset=Target/Combat". What this means is that the castsequence macro will be reset if there is a change in either "Target" or "Combat" state. So, if the mob dies before you get to "Drain Soul" then the macro will reset and be ready to fire "Curse of the Elements". Also, if you are multi-dotting, as soon as you change targets the macro will reset and Curse of the Elements will be the first spell that is fired on each new target.

You can also use "Shift" as a reset parameter (not recommended if you are already using Shift to modify a different action). Another option is to give a duration in seconds for the castsequence to reset.
/castsequence [@focus, harm][@focustarget, harm][@target]reset=10 Curse of the Elements, Agony, Corruption, Drain Soul
The castsequence here will reset in 10sec from the time the first Curse of the Elements is cast.

Evans, GA

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Re: [Theory] Learn to write Macros (Abilities OFF the GCD)

Bear Form
Force of Nature
Ursol’s Vortex
Cenarion Ward
Travel Form
Aquatic Form
Track Humanoids
Wild Mushroom: Detonate        
Wild Mushroom: Bloom
Might of Ursoc
Frenzied Regeneration

Death Knight
Death Grip
Anti-Magic Shell
Icebound Fortitude
Mind Freeze
Dark Simulacrum

Track Beasts
Track Demons
Track dragonkin
Track Giants
Track Hidden
Track Humanoids
Track Undead
Feed Pet
Aspect of the Hawk
Aspect of the Cheetah
Feign Death
trueshot Aura
Rapid Fire
Aspect of the Pack
Aspect of the Fox

Frost Bomb
Nether Tempest
Time Warp
Alter Time

Chi Burst
Chi Torpedo
Fists of Fury
Renewing Mist
Zen Flight
Fortifying Brew
Spear Hand Strike

Righteous Fury
Lay on Hands
Divine Protection
Devotion Aura
Avenging Wrath

Divine Star
Holy Word: Sanctuary

Not an all-inclusive list... please feel free to add/correct/advise as you see fit.
Guild leader of Pride and Ego (US:Nathrezim)
Good times with Great people in the Best way to spend $15/mo.

Intelligence is no substitute for Character.

Evans, GA

For a good list of conditionals for Macros, visit

Feel free to share your favorite macros.

Evans, GA

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My Discipline Healing uses this macro for Atonement healing

/cast [@mouseovertarget, harm][@mouseover,harm] Holy Fire
/cast [@mouseovertarget, harm][@mouseover,harm] Smite
Both Holy Fire and Smite build Evangelism stacks, and I really like how the DoT of Holy Fire becomes a HoT through Atonement, so smite while Holy Fire is on cooldown...

For dailies (when I was doing them in my Discipline spec) I had to make an important change
/cast [@target][@mouseovertarget, harm][@mouseover,harm] Holy Fire
/cast [@target][@mouseovertarget, harm][@mouseover,harm] Smite
"Why", do you ask? Well... I hate being stuck in combat. If you notice in my mouseover, harm situation, if I'm trying to tag a Daily mob that is being killed by the opposing faction, both the NPC AND the other player fit the bill. For some reason (I'm sure it is by design) the macro would always prefer the cross-faction player over the tagged mob. So, my Holy Fire and Smite would hit the player no matter what I had as my Mouseover target. NPC dies... I'm still in combat because I tagged the other player. If they noticed, now I'm engaged in pvp... if they didn't... I have to run far away before I can mount.

another macro to try
/castsequence [@mouseovertarget, harm][@target] reset=17/Target/Combat Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch, Mind Flay, Mind Flay, Mind Flay, Mind Flay
If multi-dotting, the change of targets will reset the cast sequence, so you can do only SW:P or you can wait until after VT before changing targets. If you are on one target (and are using different macros or action bar buttons for Mind Blast, Devouring Plague, and Mind Spike) then using the reset=17 should get you to refresh SW:P at a good time. I don't use this because I'm not 100% on board with castsequence gameplay.
Guild leader of Pride and Ego (US:Nathrezim)
Good times with Great people in the Best way to spend $15/mo.

Intelligence is no substitute for Character.

Ignore Button. The coward's feature.
Mentor, OH
reply to Immer

Worgen: Beast to human form.
Not that it's a big deal.

Evans, GA

said by Snakeoil:

Worgen: Beast to human form.
Not that it's a big deal.

Useful for social macros, absolutely. TY.