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New York, NY
reply to Cogdis

Re: Thinking of getting my own cable tuner & router - questions

said by Cogdis:

Yes the HDHR Prime can stream to multiple PC's simultaneously out of the box. The InfiniTV can do it as well if the host PC is powered on and configured correctly (It must also be running windows 7 as tuner sharing is not yet compatible with windows 8).

The HDHR Prime doesn't have the same issue as the InfiniTV with Windows 8 right? Or does it?

I'm thinking of upgrading my WHS 2011 NAS to Windows 8 as I think the start screen will be a good launcher on a big screen


Floral Park, NY
The HDHR is good to go with windows 8.


Allen, TX
I've looked at using windows media center 8, but am unsure that I'd be able to live with the user interface for TV.. It just doesn't feel like a normal DVR or TIVO.

What are other folks opinions? Did you acclimate to it quickly? Do you like it more?


The HTPC (W7) has my "Wife's seal of approval". Before installing SSD's, the HTPC user interface (WMC) was a little slow and clunky; maybe it was bloat-ware.

My main HTPC is a quad core AMD w/8GB; my secondary machines are Pentinums e5800's; all have 1TB HD's and 128GB SSD's. The WMC user interface is fast and responsive. Mixing OS and recording TV on an HD chews into user interface performance.