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Re: [DSL] Internet issues in North Central WV

I'm in the Capon Bridge area of Hampshire County, WV. We started seeing this problem a year ago. Our download speeds are always at or below 0.15 Mbps for our 3 Mbps service. Since last week we have again had the intermittent service. Sometimes we have a slow connection, other times we have no connection.

Multiple calls to Frontiernet, plus e-mails, have not resulted in any improvements.

I unfortunately, like so many others in WV, do not have an alternative. We've tried "hot spots" be we don't have reasonable signal strength for reliable service. Cable doesn't exist within miles of here. My son had satellite for a while, but besides being expensive, the latency is just awful.

I sure wish there was something we could do.


I have had speed issues with my internet since last Saturday and the only way I would have noticed it is through Youtube because it has been buffering ever since. I have the settings set for that not to happen and I knew it wasn't my computer. I got on this forum and noticed others were having the same problems. However as of today the problem is still continuing and I broke down and called Frontier.

The frontier rep did a speed test and according to them my internet speed is very low. I have a ticket out and they are supposed to be here on Friday to see what the problem is. However I do believe that the problem is in the this area somewhere if others in North Central WV are having the same issues as I am. Hopefully they will get their act together because I never had these types of problems when I had service from Verizon. With Frontier my internet resets itself several times a day and it is very annoying.


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I have been having slow connectivity since Saturday and came on the forum and figured out I wasn't the only one in North Central WV having the same problem. As of today I am still having the problem and finally broke down and called Frontier.

The rep did a speed test and learned it was very low and put a ticket out and they are scheduled to come and check it out on Friday. I however believe that the problem is on their end if others are having the same issue and it is a line issue somewhere in North Central WV.I don't think many people in this area are aware of this forum to come on here to find out if others are having similar issues. I never had these problems when I was a Verizon customer. Ever since I have had Frontier I run into issues constantly. My internet goes out multiple times a day and it is very frustrating when I am trying to work.


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who is your cable provider? I would look into them and tell frontier that next time you call. Just be like "my service has been almost unusable so I am going to look into other options." Hopefully that will get them to move if not you have the information to switch providers.