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Hilliard, OH

Ultra TV questions

I live in the Columbus, OH area. We were going to install ATT Uverse but the technician informed us that the Uverse system wouldn't support more than 10 devices on the network. We probably have twice that with TV's, computers, smart phones, printers, etc. How many devices can WOW UltraTV support?

Also, if we install WOW UltraTV can we continue to use our existing router, or do we have to use WOW's equipment? How well does the WOW UltraTV Gateway router work? We live in a ranch so the footprint of our home is slightly larger than the typical two-floor house.



Park Ridge, IL
A few things here.. First of all I'm not 100% familiar with ATT Uverse's equipment but the statement that only 10 devices will work on the network is probably 100% false.. you can setup your own router/dhcp server and distribute as many addresses to devices as you want while your uverse equipment thinks it's only one device.. the router.. so don't turn down UVerse based on false information. As for WOW, you can use as many devices as you want.

If you go the UltraTV route, you have one central hub device which is essentially your router/modem/TV gateway, which runs over a cable line. You CAN in fact use your own router to add more devices to UltraTV, as many as you'd like theoretically. You can add wireless access points to the gateway for wireless devices, as well as switches to add wired devices. It all depends on the setup, the easiest way would be to use the WOW Gateway as a router, and just add access points or switches for extra devices, but you can double NAT your network and use your own router if you like. The gateway itself also acts as a wireless router, so depending on the size of your home, you might be find with that. I'd recommend WOW over UVerse any day, you can record/watch 6 shows at once (I believe?), and watch them on any other media player (2 included). The GUI is great IMHO and the internet offered can go faster than what Uverse can offer, as that's only DSL. I'd recommend WOW but it's your choice. I'm sure others will chime in!