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Newtown, PA

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Re: A tale of two Cable Companies

This seems to conflict with what is being said here...

Cablevision sued for $250 million over Sandy outages

»newsandinsight.thomsonreuters.co ··· outages/

Bethel, CT
Not really a conflict. The lawsuit says that if you don't call, you don't get the refund. That's no different than what Cablevision has stated publically.

On the other hand, Comcast said, after Cablevision had made their public statement, that Comcast would work with customers individually. It looked like Comcast timed their announcement so that it would seem that Comcast was offering the same "refund for the entire time of the power outage" that Cablevision was offering. Riding on the coattails of the goodwill that Cablevision's announcement had generated. It worked, most of the press bought it.

Unfortunately for Comcast customers, the reality of the statement appears when you call up Comcast, you are told that there is no refund for the time when the power was out. That part wasn't mentioned in Comcast's press announceents. Gee, I wonder why Comcast wouldn't want that to be part of the public announcement? Could Comcast be talking out of both sides of its mouth?

Comcast's statement of working with customers individually apparently means that a customer has to call up to find out that there's no refund for the power outage.

Just like during Hurricane Ike when Comcast sent a collection agency after those customers whose set-top boxes were damaged in the storm. "Working individually with the customers"

Customer Service, a la Comcast.