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Sheffield Lake, OH
reply to VexorgTR

Re: [CallCentric] Recommended settings for 3CX can be problemati

Thanks DBOD for looking into this... I have not the time to do so.



Here is the 3CX response on the general forum

Hi - thanks for the detailed explanation. We are not aware of this issue.
Probably if something has changed in call centric, we need to be updated in order to make the changes to the template.
3CX DNS resolution also changes in case it is a registration based authentication account or a non registration based trunk.
This is interesting.

"pulls the DNS A record for the second random server and sends the REGISTER response with the first nonce to the second server instead of the first server that issued the 407. Needless to say the registration never completes. "

What server are you using and what outbound proxy do you have specified in the account configuration?
Is it a registration based provider or a trunk?
Can you make a wireshark capture and send this to ...


reply to VexorgTR

From the 3CX response you get the impression that callcentric and 3CX haven't been talking.

PX Eliezer7
Hutt River

said by DBOD:

From the 3CX response you get the impression that callcentric and 3CX haven't been talking.

That's a possibility, but another possibility is that 3CX is big enough such that the left hand may not know what the right hand is doing....



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True, I think it is odd that they are not aware of the issue from other avenues. 3CX has a lot of users. I wouldn't think this is the first voip provider to implement SRV records that brings 3CX down. Maybe Callcentric is ahead of the curve? It is not an imminent problem at this point but it does hamper a voip provider's strategy if it is indeed a 3CX issue. At this point 3CX is not acknowledging a problem. Hope they can resolve it soon. I'd feel better if Callcentric implemented a more robust SRV system and 3CX could follow it.