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Respice, Adspice, Prospice
Onion, NJ
reply to Kamus

Re: Hmmmm i doubt it

said by Kamus:

said by Corehhi:

$50 Tablet just becomes a generic widget but it's to complicated to get that cheap with a decent resolution, features etc. Plain Jane black and white??/ Probbaly could be done right now but no money to be made in that.

I did say fully featured. And i didn't say right now, but 2-3 years from now.

What i'm saying is, you can expect a tablet that is probably more powerful than the nexus 7 (or at least on par with it) 2-3 years from now at a 50 dollar price point. And it will probably be thinner and lighter too.

I actually think I'm being rather conservative with my estimate.

never.... even if you factor in inflation. You will see a can of coke for $50 before you see a tablet.

Its not a calculator, after all.
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Xenia, OH
Your post is so wrong on so many levels. With our production in China most of our costs are driven up by middle men/comod exchange sellers. However as more people learn to buy from from overseas and bypass the reselling fat cats general prices in the US are starting to drop fast. I bought a 8" tablet with wifi/HSPA for $49 6 months ago direct from China (Android 512k memory 8GB storage). Not super spec but browses web well and plays flash and that was 6 months ago. The estimate of 2-3 years may be even shorter than that. Hell you can get a Raspberry Pi (raspberrypi.org) for $35. Stick that in a cheap Chinese lcd tablet case you have a nice 1080p full computer for $50 now. It will happen.