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Re: [Speed] YouTube HD videos very laggy

Nothing wrong with my connection, just YouTube video streaming is extremely laggy even on 240p.

Shelbyville, KY
said by JThomas91 :

Nothing wrong with my connection, just YouTube video streaming is extremely laggy even on 240p.

Try using different DNS servers. I have the 50Meg service at my house and after switching DNS servers for the reason mentioned in my above post, the videos buffer at a full 50Meg. I can start a 1080P Youtube video and it's completely done buffering within 20 to 40 seconds.


Pings/Tracerts to youtube.com aren't really useful. Most videos aren't served directly from youtube's own servers but from peered caching servers around the country (usually collocated inside an ISP's facilities).

Having the same issues described, along with a few friends who have insight connections as well (in the evansville area btw). The problem seems to be between insight/twc and a set of caching servers in Kansas under the 206.111.10.xxx ip block (hosted by xo.net). Pings are consistent and packet loss in negligible to there, but none of us can seem to get more than ~150KB/s of throughput, which is insufficient for HD streams.

To verify yourself (in Win7) you can do the following:
Open the Resource Monitor (perfmon.exe /res from Run; or start-search it)
Under the Network Tab filter the processes by your browser
Open TCP Connections and R-Click the column header (image, pid, etc) and hit Select Columns
Enable the Receive (B/sec) option and sort the connections list by it

With a video streaming (and not much else going on otherwise) the top item should be the server you're actually getting the video from. HD videos usually come in at around 300+KB/s, for reference.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure where to proceed with this information since it's well above your average tier 1 phone jockey's abilities. Maybe someone from insight/twc will see this and look into it...


That was a nice and in depth post.

For the record, I am still having high amounts of buffering on YouTube videos as low as 360p. 720 and 1080 are completely out of the question.

My internet is otherwise running perfectly, and speed tests are coming back fine.


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I have, I've used OpenDNS, Googles and Insights DNS servers, and the same exact issue.