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reply to Snakeoil

Re: The price of Apple products

said by Snakeoil:

If you buy hardware for Windows and it doesn't work right, Microsoft won't help you. If Windows has a bug in it, Dell can't help you.

Now that's not true. I've seldom had problems with getting hardware to work with windows, or linux.

I don't understand your point. If the PC you buy at Best Buy doesn't work with Windows, Microsoft isn't going to help you.
In addition to the reliability, Apple guarantees its hardware and software all works together seamlessly. If something doesn't work, you can walk it into an Apple store and get it fixed (I don't know how far free goes into that, too). Read the Jobs biography to learn more about the quality in the hardware down to the screws.

Should it be any surprise that it's that way? Apple is a closed/walled garden. It's stuff better work.
Well, that's the point I'm trying to make.
But also, for that "wonderful seamless" stuff apple promises you, you get limited choices in how you "tweak" the hardware. As I've never owned an Apple PC [personal computer], I don't know how upgradeable, or what is upgradeable in them. I'm sure you can swap out ram and hard drives, but what of mother boards and processors?
Except where Apple supplies it, then you are customizing and most companies won't support a product that's been modified. Neither will any Windows PC manufacturer.
I don't love windows, I just use it. I find windows gets bloated after a couple years of updates and slows down.
Heh. I just finished reformat/reinstall Windows for that very reason.
Linux on the other hand seems to run zippy, no matter the number of updates.
If I had a real choice, and thanks to Steam, I shall soon. I'd buy a PC with no OS and run linux.
I've run nothing but FreeBSD and Linux since 2006. Are you aware OSX is certified Unix?
Hence why I shop for what I think is affordable and offers me value for what I'm willing to spend.

I have not bought a new computer since 2001 as Windows users "upgrade" and give me their "old" machines. It must be the economy but I haven't gotten one lately and will be building my own super-duper-colossal-craptacular-monster-god-machine....in-3D! soon.

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Actually if you buy a PC from Best Buy, I would think that Microsoft won't be helping you anyway. It's an OEM Windows license so OS support is provided by the OEM, not Microsoft. If you buy the retail boxed Windows, then MS provides the support (hence the higher price).