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Re: HughesNet Gen4 BIG RIP OFF $$$$

I had RoadRunner @ one time, if I recall right it was ATT's copper wire service at my location? I personally had 12mbs from Time Warner via fiber-optic transmission before I moved to a country home. I still own that house I had 12mbs service at and the person now renting the property informs me he now gets up to 20mbs.
The man that came out and installed my Gen4 service was out of Fort Worth,Texas. He remarked while here that ISP's in Fort Worth can now provide 100mbs. He didn't say what the transmission type was to achieve those speeds. One thing for sure its not coming thru a satellite ! I bet if I signed up I bet my speeds would be more like the ones you posted.
Interesting Speedtest.net results you posted, gives you a Grade:D. I have ran the same test on my Gen4 service several times with a consistent Grade:F, Enough said.



This is what I have from Hughesnet without gen4.. Are you really complaining that your speed is 10x faster then mine?