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Re: Sandy ... mom GAVE AWAY her damaged car :/ help analyze!

said by cdru:

said by Anonymous_:

windshield is worth about $80-$100 used one
Rear glass is worth $700 for a used one since they are $1200 brand new installed. (They have integrated antenna that is why the price is so high)
small rear glass is about $250 each for a used one
other windows are worth about $100 each
each door is about $150

$2,000 just for the glass alone.
$600 for doors
$120 for the trunk
$100 for the hood
$70(ea) Finder
$350 front bumper(since it has the fog light option)
$125 for the rear bumper


And all those things presume he or she has the time, skill, and/or space to part the vehicle out. NYC (or whatever jurisdiction the car is located in) is going to have codes prohibiting derelict and abandoned vehicles. Parting out any significant body panel, window, bumper, or wheel is going to make it illegal to drive and/or park on city streets. And I don't see an abundance of garages in those photos.

Unless you can part out an entire vehicle in a matter of hours or pay someone to take the parted out carcass away (since they aren't going to take it for free with the useful parts gone), you don't have a whole lot of options. Plus with thousands of vehicles in the region flooded plus whatever stock was already on the used parts market, there isn't premium price for a decade old very common car.

People like me prefer OE parts. Not from a totaled cars. (cars in accidents)
Well, does your car at least turn into something else? Sometimes I turn it into a trashcan. Hmm...

Irreverent or irrelevant?
Kelowna, BC
Well, it wasn't in an accident at all. It was a flood vehicle. Depending on what you need, and your budget, it may fit your requirements for parts.
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