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Caveat Emptor
Earth Orbit
reply to Snakeoil

Re: Blizz: authenticator lawsuit "patently" false

said by Snakeoil:

*My kids have a friend who was playing wow. He broke his phone, so "lost" his software authenticator. I've offered to help him with blizz tech support so he could get back in the game, but he said it's to late, that his game time expired.

I know the key fob can get misplaced and the battery die, but I like it vs the software app. Mainly because I can leave it at home on my desk, and not give it a second thought until needed. where as with the software one, if I leave my phone somewhere, there goes the authenticator as well.

I opted for the Android one. I have no idea how long the battery in the fob will last (it still works after 2-3 years), but I *always* have my phone on me, whereas I have been on travel before and forgot the key fob, so it's one less thing to worry about.
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Mentor, OH
I seldom travel with a computer, so playing wow on the road isn't an option for me.
Meaning I lack a laptop, or even if I had a laptop the places I tend to go the most lack Internet connection. My dad has no use for it, and my in-laws only have a wired router, that my father in law wont share. Though maybe this year, I can convince my wife to buy them a wireless router.

So no need to play wow on the road.
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