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Imperial, MO
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Re: Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

said by facepalm:

said by puppy:

Then again, recently it seems like it's all the #&*$&# Risen conditions that's wearing me down, which toughness is useless against...

This and their incredible speed have forced me to truly hate the Risen. The little SOBs caused me to leave a zone last night in search of easier foes. They are just no fun to party with. lol

I've had a tough time in the Straits of Devastation. The Risen are everywhere and they swarm you when you start a fight. Also, they respawn so quickly that by the time you clear a group of them the first one you killed is already back. There are three skill challenges there that I simply can't get to because there are so many mobs around.
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Yeah dude the Straits are tough when you first get to 80. Try and pull one or two mobs at a time and work very deliberately. There is one skill point guarded by a ton of mobs I was having trouble with until I realized that is an end of an escort event and a champion spawns there.

I honestly found the Straits to be the most difficult of the Orr maps. I don't know if that's just because I was a new 80 and had crap gear or what. I was glad when I completed that bad boy.


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If you try to run through ORR zones you will die. and end up having like 6 on you.

take your time, enjoy the zone, kill them as they come, explore, gather, goes much smoother than trying to blast through