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Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV
reply to Arvo

Re: 100kps Download Speed - Nothing Can Be Done?

Hopefully you are getting credit from Frontier for the down time. I would escalate this up the ladder in Frontier. it is absolutely ridiculous that the issue is not being addressed.


Shepherdstown, WV
I can report some good news on this front. Yesterday morning my internet was out completely -- again -- but when I got home after work I noticed it was back up and running but at the 3MB speed instead of the usual 1.5MB speed. So, unless this is a cruel joke, I think they are starting to roll out some of the updates/improvements.

The speed seemed to stay fairly stable and fast for the entire evening. I'll monitor again tonight to see how it goes. I live in the north east part of Jefferson County, WV and had heard from local tech about improvements that were coming so maybe this is it?

It all seems so hard to follow since the June 2012 storm did widespread damage and then there were some widespread network shenanigans from August until now for many of us. Anyway, let's hope things are finally starting to move to an era of good, stable, sort of fast speed, and connectivity.


Martinsburg, WV
I'm so happy to hear that Q! I got a call from my father out on the other side of the ridge near Glengary, WV. They typically get 100kbps download (or worse) in the evenings as well but last night he was reading 1.5mbps at 8:30 pm! Unfortunately my internet is still a horrible mess, but maybe the fixes are finally going out to people! There are still some days left in November - I'm praying I can report something positive soon.

Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV
reply to qi6588
That is good to hear. Would like to see the same thing here, but still at 1.2/150.


Our highest down load speed for the last several days has been about 0.12 Mbps.