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[TV] TTV Pixelization


has anyone noticed that their TTV has pixelization issues since the recent mediaroom upgrade to 2.2.28138.1205 and actiontec upgrade to 31.30L.57?

i get pixelization after i change channels, it happens within 15-60 seconds of changing the channel, i thought it was happening when the stream switched from unicast to multicast but it is completely random within the 10-60 second period. i noticed it happening it recently, i've had the mediaroom upgrade for a couple weeks, no idea when the actiontec was pushed the new firmware. the pixelization happens on all 3 cis330 and 1 cis430.



Edmonton AB
Best bet is to just call in. They can run tests to see whether it's something with the connection or not. Could even be the Actiontec.
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reply to nss_tech

Re: [TV] TTV Pixelization

thanks nss_tech.

it seems to have cleared up on its own.


Vancouver, BC
reply to pixel
I have noticed freezing for just a few seconds when one changes to another channel not pixelization.
I have not reported it .


Kruisey I am interested more in this pixeling you are getting. why have you not reported it yet? are you trying to hide something.

i feel that kruisey may be impacting telus' network with his pixeling and feel it unneccesarry that her has not reported it to telus yet. is this against hte law? can we contact the crtc?


Vancouver, BC
Hi ANONYMUD .My pictures on HD are super I don't get pixelization.Remember several years ago when first got Telus TV those were the days of jigsaw pictures .Its now gone from night to day This HD is Great.
The freezing I don't report because it only lasts a couple of seconds and thats the picture adjusting itself when one is clicking through channels quickly.