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Shanks, WV

Internet drops same time every night

Hey was wondering if anyone has same prob I started dropping internet access (light goes out) on both main line and second connect anywhere between 12 am and 1230 am for about a minute is frontier doing something ?

Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV

I have not noticed that happening in the Burlington area. I have been testing a modem for the last couple days and did not notice anything in the log file for it or have any complaints lately from the wife.

North Tonawanda, NY
reply to bamaraid

Most likely. Unless the Internet is performing poorly just before it drops that doesn't sound to be too off base for a maintenance period window. Many ISPs have a window from 12AM to 5AM.


reply to bamaraid

Do you have a home alarm by any chance? Some alarm system do a self check and seize the dialtone. It's usually done at night so you dont notice the loss of service. If so, you need to have a filtered line to the alarm. It's called a homerun outlet. It lets the DSL signal bypass the Alarm and go straight to the modem. If you have that done you will only need a filter at the modem outlet

Rochester, NY
reply to bamaraid

The simple fact that it happens about the same time and is reocuring takes us in the direction that something has changed and allthough it is posible that it could be Frontier its more likely that its at your end. Think what has changed a new toy, game console. new apliance new sat tv box even a new smart phone that is using your wifi and yes an alarm system.


Shanks, WV
reply to bamaraid

no alarm, and no new toys it just happens ever since i got the 7550's only lasts a few minutes. thought it might be the renewal of the IP and changed it from 1 day to 5 days happened again but it happens at different times even after i changed it back to 1 day IP renewal. i just make sure im not gaming at those times lol


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reply to bamaraid

I had the same thing happen to me at the same time at night. It puzzled me too just as it was you guys but I finally figured out what the problem was. My satellite receiver was connected to the phone line but the filters were not put on them so I put filters on them and the problem went away. I think I ended up putting one filter on the main line going in for the phone to cover all the phone connections in my place.