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Duluth, GA

[HSI] Internet slow in evening (Duluth, GA)

New to these forums, hoping you guys can give me some quick insight so I can decide my next step!

I just moved to an apartment complex in Duluth, GA. I have the 30mb package from Charter and it's very stable, low latency and high speeds during the day. In the evening, however, my ping skyrockets and my speed drops to ~2.5mbps. It isn't jittery, though, it is consistently smooth at that speed. That seems extremely odd. In the past, when I have had issues, I would get extremely bursty data, but that's not the issue here.

Am I to believe that this means I am being capped due to an oversold node? If so, what measures can I take to resolve this?

Thanks everyone!


Greenville, SC
Id advise posting in the Charter Direct forum.


reply to ksamim
I got the same issues. I live in Duluth as well. Last few weeks its been slow at night and sometimes even during morning times.

Charter wont believe anything I tell them. I have a network based alarm system and last 4days its been constantly having issues from time to time getting out to the monitoring station and I get an email within 1min of this to let me know there was a network issue. It will restore itself and I will get another email.

I have a 100meg line and use it for both home and work (work from home) and cant really deal with these issues.

My parents live 4houses down and they have the 30meg Charter line, same issues. So I know its not me. But when I tell Charter, they look at the signals and claim its all within spec.

So not sure what to tell you, even my emails from my alarm monitoring service is proof there is issues but that doesnt matter to Charter.

BTW I live in Sugarloaf Country Club.



I have been fighting Charter with this issue for almost two years now. I've gone through 3 modems, numerous splitters, line conditioners and watched them install new amps. I live over at The Reserve and even their techs say it horrible in this area and there is no current plans to upgrade the area.

With the new Primerica corporate building almost complete, I can only see this issue getting worse.