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[Speed Issues] Not getting anywhere near my advertised speeds

speed test maxes out around 25mbps yet my downloads max out at 2.5mbps.

i've done all the troubleshooting to no avail. charter said they can send a tech out to my house to troubleshoot for a nominal fee.

what else can i try to keep those morons from coming out?


Willimantic, CT

Re: [Speed Issues] Not getting anywhere near my advertised speed

do you have the 30 or 100 package? Also, what is the cable modem plugged into? I had an old linksys router, and it maxed out at ~28mbits (older unit). When plugged in directly, I could get ~60mbits (back when I had ultra60). I now have a firewall that I built and I can get over 100mbits at times

get over it

i would imagine based on what little im paying that its the 30 package. i am running an older linksys wireless router as well. and my modem is about as old. just a small black box a little bigger than a deck of cards!

edit: ugh. based on charter chat i have the 15mb package. why would the speed test show more then advertised?

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Bit-Byte confusion?

Speed tests measure speed as bits per second; noted as *bps.

Download managers generally report speed in Bytes per second; noted as *Bps.

There are eight bits in a Byte. Make sure you are not confusing the two. For 25Mbps I would expect the maximum download speed to be ~3.125MBps. Because of unpredictable variables between your Internet connection and your source's Internet connection, getting 2.5MBps down is doing reasonably well for a 25Mbps connection.
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