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Re: Would you pay for Usenet with Bitcoin?

Maybe I just dont know enough about bitcoins, but how can a business pay their expenses with them? Good for a peer to peer type of thing but I would be laughed at if I tried to send a bitcoin or two to pay for hosting expenses.
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Swintec, you might want to look into companies like walletbit.com, which offers merchants Bitcoin payment processing

I don't know much about Bitcoins either, but it seems there are several exchanges where you can buy or sell Bitcoins for cash, as well as a number of companies such as web hosts taking them.

Quite a few online businesses accept Bitcoins, so obviously they all found some way to tap into this system of payment.

We should enjoy it while it lasts. I predict that if Bitcoin gets too popular, the US government will eventually step in and kill it. The Feds have proven time and again that the one thing they won't tolerate is competition. Look what happened to all the independent gold exchanges and coin minters. All raided, shut down, assets seized. That may already be in the works right now for Bitcoin.

news.bitusenet.com apparently traces to Readnews, yet lists retention that by coincidence or not matches Tweaknews retention of 1100 days. If so, then why would they not use Readnews full retention of 1500+ days? Does Readnews offer a discount to resellers who agree to dial down the retention?

And no posting? Maybe it's such a big headache that a lot of them don't want to even offer it. (Or is it to keep from being noticed operating an unauthorized suckfeed or account reseller?)