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[HSI] P2P Problems (Game)

I have a strange issue that I don't really have high expectations on getting an answer for, but recently I upgraded my modem to a docsis 3.0 modem (Cisco DPC3008) due to a speed upgrade of my service. Ever since I changed my modem I have had issues with a P2P game I play (Rumble Fighter) in which I can see everything perfectly with no lag, however everyone else sees me lagging like crazy. At first I thought it may be my router or closed ports, so I ended up adding my IP to a DMZ, which had no change.. and also tried bypassing my router and hard lining to my computer without any luck. Anyone know what could be causing this, or if it could be resolved with a new modem (same or different model). Everything else works perfect, speeds are great, just p2p seems to have a strange problem. I know if I tried to get my modem replaced they would not let me because there are no signs of any problems. Thanks for any help.

Specs if they help:
RX = -4.1
TX = 42.0
SNR = 40-43
RG59 Prewire - RG6 Drop


Crestline, CA
If the game is p2p for hosting (like Modern Warfare 2 and 3 being two examples) then the issue is with whoever is chosen as the host of the game and most likely not on your side. Alternatively you can try going to pingtest.net or somewhere similar and seeing if you have a lot of jitter on the line.


Bear Lake, MI
reply to defektz
That 59 prewire is not good, probably has copper shield, and how long is that rg6 drop? Is it shorter than 150 ft?


Birmingham, AL
reply to defektz
You can have high download speed but also have fluctuating ping, which can cause "lag" in games. I second trying the pingtest.net as an indicator. You may want to try it a few times. Alternatively, you could try a smokeping test on dslreports.com.