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Anons on ignore, but not due to fear.
London, ON
reply to Robrr

Re: Gasoline Prices Below 99 Cents/Litre By Christmas

i have owned 16 cars and 6 motorcycles over the years (13 of the 22 vehicles had a manual transmission) and not wanting a manual transmission now has nothing to do with being "lazy"...driving a manual transmission in bumper to bumper traffic for an hour a day was marginally fun when i was 16...it no longer is...after a long day at work, i prefer to use my drive home to "wind down"...the last thing i want to do is the constant manipulation of every limb of my body to get home...i want a more relaxing drive...as well, if i were to injure myself, it may be next to impossible to drive a manual transmission car, meaning i would be without transportation.

if i were going to a track, to take a car to its limits, give me a manual...to live with day to day though, it has lost its appeal.
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Small block Chevies rule
Halifax, NS

DJ does make a valid point... When I purchased my 60 Corvette in 1983 it was for the purpose as a daily summer driver. My other car at the time was a Toyota Land Cruiser, it too was a standard...

I would alter between my Vette or the Toyota for commuting to work during the summer... Getting caught up in bumper to bumper traffic could cause grief for my clutch foot...