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Speedy Petey

reply to Badonkadonk

Re: Replaced electric panel

said by Badonkadonk:

It wasn't a simple panel change. The old panel had many of the circuits overloaded. Presently each room is getting it's own breaker. In the old panel, for example, we had rooms and open area on the same breaker.

Ah, you did not mention that before. You made it seem like the panel change was what solved the problems.

Naperville, IL
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Sorry about that. Part of the reason for the panel change was because we knew we had odd occasional electric issues and this was an excuse to start fresh and get all of the problems addressed.

I talked to the electrician this morning. He'd come over to get some of his tools. I asked him about the issues that were mentioned here. He didn't think any of those items are a problem (of course). I guess we'll see. The inspector will be here middle of next week.

I'm not terribly worried since our GC is the electrician's brother. So if something goes wrong, it'll get fixed.

I appreciate everyone's comments. I'd never have been able to spot potential issues.
Awesome. More handouts, food stamps, welfare and entitlements to come. I'm so proud.