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Trenton, MI

Post your setup!

I was thinking a good idea to help other WOW customers understand what setups work, and how they're configured we could all share the cable package, modem, and routers we all have, How they're configured, and how well they work. If we can keep a common format and minimize discussions I think this could be helpful. I'll start:

Package: 15/2 internet, digital basic + HD.
Internet equipment: Motorola Surfboard 6121, Asus RT-N66U
Router config:
DNS: Google, and
Wireless: 5ghz: N only, auto channel, 20/40 width, wpa2 personal, 100mW. 2.4ghz: auto with b/g protection (we have one legacy G device), channel 11, 100mw, wpa2 personal
Firmware: .260
Setup comments: fantastic signal coverage, stable. 5ghz penetrates better than any other router ever used. Wired gaming is totally lag free.

TV: Ceton InfiniTV in a HP ML330 G6 7MC using 3 hardwired 360 extenders
7MC config: Ceton companion services installed for ceton companion app. Use DVRMSToolbox to monitor recorded tv folder and coupled with Comskip donor version and DTBAddIn for commercial skipping with 75% accuracy. Used Showanalyzer previously with 90% accuracy but had drawbacks. Use Handbrake to convert recorded TV then MediaMaster to pull metadata and MediaBrowser to manage xbox navigation.
Setup comments: setup was daunting but now passes "wife test". Picture quality is >= cableco equipment. Recording works well except consecutive recordings with overlap won'dt use separate tuners.


Park Ridge, IL
·WOW Internet and..

15/2 Internet here with UltraTV

Cable run split, one line into Arris Gateway, other line amped then into a 16 way splitter (no problems with mocha despite what the installer claimed)

Arris Media Gateway (MG5125G I believe?) with 2 Media Players (MP2000)
HDHomerun Prime 3CC, LinksysPAP2 (Vonage), and media NAS, connected to a Cisco 16 port 10/100 switch, which feeds the rest of the house wired network access through wall panels, WNDR3700 in center of house, 2 HP ProCurve J8130A's spread out throughout the rest of the home, all acting as wireless access points, and an Enguine Outdoor AP EOC5611P for outdoor/long range coverage.

UltraTV Settings: Wireless Disabled, several ports forwarded for remote access of certain devices, Google DNS

Two HD Tv's using the MP2000's, several WMC7 laptops using the HDHR3CC, one W8MC same setup (all recording to NAS), two 360's as media extenders for TV/Movie playback, MediaBrowser setup on server for extender playback and great UI, commercial skip setup on server for WMC as well.