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Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to Ernest House

Re: Uverse Installer did not remove DSL whole house filter.

If you have Line Share U-Verse (ADSL2+ or VDSL2 flavors), a whole-house filter with a data home run is still a good idea

To the OP: Do you have the iNID system? And if so, how is the whole house filter wired? There really is no room inside the iNID for a NID module whole house filter...


Oxford, MI
Hey ILpt4U,

I am not up on the technology flavors, still learning uverse. I do have the iNid system. I have tried to get service for over 3 years, with 3 install attempts, just too far away, but this time they rolled out pair bonding and it is working fine.

I have installed a "Wilcom" (going from memory here) whole house filter in basement, Line used to come in from the NID, and they just taped into that line with wires going to iNid. I was thinking in my mind that iNid would split the phone on a pair, and they would use ethernet to feed from the iNid to the internal router. It does not appear that it is ethernet, as there they are using a what looks to be a phone connector between the iNid and the internal router.

I was just surprised to see that the whole house filter still wired intact.

Obviously what expected how it would work, is not how it actually works. So if you can point me to any technical literature on the iNid and internal router, that would be helpful too.


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