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Belleville, IL
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Re: Question on Sound Quality from AV Receiver

Component (red/blue/green RCA) are analog video. Composite (yellow RCA) is the lowest quality analog video that you can choose. Neither of which have anything to do with sound quality.

Just as an FYI for video quality, from worse to best:
1) composite (yellow RCA) VHS quality 320x240 res
2) coax cable 320x240
3) S-Video 640x480
4) component (red/blue/green) 720P and some 1080P
5) DVI HD 720P/1080P
6) HDMI HD 720P/1080P

For the "best" sound quality, you will want to use digital inputs. In this case, that would be HDMI, optical, or coaxial. And for true surround audio transfer, those are your only choices. You can use the standard analog inputs (red/white RCA), but those are only stereo.

With all of that said, the speakers used will have a bigger impact on sound quality than the input type (analog or digital). The only real reason to choose one over the other is for the type or audio that is needed (ie: stereo or 5.1 surround).

The new style AVRs are designed to have everything connected directly to them, and then a single output to the TV. And always connect with the highest quality methods available on the hardware in question.
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Oceanside, CA
Thanks, your info really helped.
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