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Help Please


Security camera system help

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Hi guys used to visit this site alot, forgot my username. Hope this is the right forum for this.

I'm looking for some suggestions on a surveillance system for a parking lot.

Looking to get like the best quality stuff I can, but at a reasonable cost.

Looking for a 8 channel DVR, need the option to add cameras later (so a kit of DVR/8 cameras is out of the question).

I want to cover the door listed in the picture, I want to cover as much of the lot as I can, and I would really like to be able to get plate numbers...

A street light is right on the other side of the road (top of picture), but the lot is still very dark. I know they sell LPR cameras but... thousands for one camera is out of the question right now.

So pretty much what would be some good high quality cameras and a supporting DVR at least 8channel, (POE is at the sameish price, that would be even better). A 4wired/4wireless system would not hurt either but I am trying to go as cheap as I can, with the best cameras.

No real budget atm, to start off 2-3-4 cameras + a DVR under like $800 would be nice. Something like the door camera could be a lower quality than the say lot cameras.

Putting up some motion lights (like 500watt halogens) is not out of the question if it would help at night with the cameras.

O ya on the picture the right side is buildings with a little parking area, the left the cut off is just lawn, no buildings.


Lake Zurich, IL
said by Help Please :

No real budget atm, to start off 2-3-4 cameras + a DVR under like $800 would be nice. Something like the door camera could be a lower quality than the say lot cameras.

I'm no expert, but I think your price point is off by about an order of magnitude, if you want license plate capture at night, with outdoor rated cameras. Rule of thumb for license plates is 16 pixels high for reliable identification.

Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
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You should check these websites:



I am a member of bjs and have found them very competitive.

I considered purchasing a structured wiring cabinet from this seller but have not yet done so:


They offer a large selection of security cameras.

Once your select a system that you think meets your requirements, go to the manufactures website and find out how to call them via land line. Customer service should be able to advise you if you choice meets your needs. You will also learn how they treat customers by your contact with them. If their service sucks purchase from another vendor, if they provide helpful service you have already won half the battle, knowing that they will probably treat you the same way after you make your purchase.

Help Please

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Thanks for the replies, I know the price is likely low for a plate camera... but I was hoping someone might know a trick to make a cheaper camera work well for getting plate numbers.

As far as bjs, before posting I was in bjs, sams, wal-mart, homedepot, lowes, tractor supply, and harbor freight. Pretty much everything I saw as pretty low quality... My reason for wanting at least 8 channels but only 2-3 cameras is so I can buy better cameras now and expand later, everything I saw in the box stores were full systems with all the cameras and the demo units showed really bad pictures (in my opinion).
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Re: Security camera system help

i use a digimerge DVR and lorex cameras. the lorex cameras are OK at best.

i have one verint/nextiva IP camera that is great, as well as a monoprice outdoor IR dome i am testing. the monoprice camera looks like it has some good potential for the price.