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This is a sub-selection from Conspiracy?

Valencia, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to elefante72

Re: Conspiracy?

said by elefante72:

Equipment maybe. These are access trunks. It doesn't change out the POP and VZ still has contracts with CLECs. The DSL DSLAMs are still owned by Verizon, and they will need to replace if they are damaged.

Verizon doesn't own CLEC DSLAMs. Earthlink is a good example - Earthlink resells both CLEC DSL via Covad, and ILEC DSL using Verizon's DSLAMs. Verizon can figure out some sort of fiber fed solution for customers on their own DSLAMs, but what will happen to Covad's lines?
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"Verizon doesn't own CLEC DSLAMs" no but they own the last mile copper that runs from the CO to the Customer. It's this copper that's being cut that's in question.
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Fremont, OH
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reply to djrobx

Actually its MegaPath right now and to answer the question on what they are doing. Karl should contact them. My company represents MegaPath and I will contact the PR department and find out. Currently we're being told they're repairing and bringing on lines as power comes back on in commercial buildings. Nothing has been said about copper being cut.


East Amherst, NY
reply to djrobx

I'm assuming that the CLECs get fibre line cards if fibre routes to the DSLAM. Or if it's a ring, maybe nothing. Good points though...

I was also reading that on the VZ owned side they are just pulling fiber to the prem and converting to FIOS.

That can be a problem if the existing customer is contract DSL, but OMG I'm sure if I were getting FIOS, I'd be happy. Of course this comes at a premium price, but that part of town definately is not the low rent district so I'm sure uptake rate will be acceptable.

Nobody has mentioned how cable (TWC) is operating in this situation.
Any news? I don't know how much HFC they have in lower Manhattan.