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Re: [Internet] PS3 super slow speed w/ WIFI to sagemcom 2864

The tech from Bell came to install it and told me that the wap610n is a better router than the router in the sagemcom 2864 and that my signal would be strengthened.

He then setup my sagemcom as a bridge only and disabled its router functions. My wap610n was the only access point and was the one distributing the IP's from Bell. That worked GREAT!

But then i had a problem and the tech on the phone told me to reset the sagemcom and it broke the bridge and now both devices are in router mode sending two network signals.

If i could just put my sagemcom back in bridge mode and use my wap610n as my only access point i'm sure it would be fine.

but Bell told me on the phone that the tech that did that wasn't supposed to do it and that they can't troubleshoot this with me because its not the standard "Bell setup".

He told me they unlock the sagemcom for knowledgeable people to be able to do what they want with it, but they can't, as per bell policy, help my to bridge it.



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In my personal opinion......

The wap610N's range is no better than the connectionhub. The purpose of the 610n was never for extending the range of your wifi.

The ONLY real reason Bell offered the 610N was to provide wireless N speeds to early adopters of Bells Fibe25 DSL product via the Cellpipe 61v, which was only wireless G.

Before I go any further.... I have a PS3 on my Connection hubs built in wireless and it works just fine. I did not have to adjust any settings in the connection hub. I will say that when ever I did the connection setup process built in to the ps3, when it did its final speed-test the numbers were NEVER accurate, even with a wired connection!

Also, are you 100% sure your kids have setup the ps3 with the right wireless network from the WAP610n?

Is your PS3 inside an enclosed hometheater cabinet, or sitting ontop of a metal stand? try moving the ps3 around a bit.

Is it possible to move the sagemcom to a more central location in the house?

Is it possible to get the ps3 on ethernet? Using an Ethernet over Powerline adapterkit?

Use a higher quality wireless access point as compared to the WAP610n?

What provided the wireless connectivity in your house when
you were with videotron?

Edit: just saw your last response before my post. Why dont you simply use your WRT54G to create the wireless. I'm not familiar with that router personally, although I know its considered to be a real work-horse of the consumer home wireless router market.
Opinions and ideas expressed in my post are my own and in no way represent those of Bell Canada Enterprises, Bell Canada, Bell TV, Bell Internet, Bell Mobility, Bell Technical Solutions, Expertech, or any other partners under the BCE umbrella.


Well i just realised the WAP610n is not a router, its an access point.

How to i configure my setup to use ONLY the wap610n?

If i plug both in right, i'm getting a network from the sagemcom (BELL9XX) and i'm getting a network from the wap610n. I can log onto both, but neither will give me full speeds even if i'm right next to it.

When i called Bell yesterday to troubleshoot this with them, they told me that the tech who installed the wap610n wasn't supposed to do that and that they can't help me with it. They can only show me how to use ONLY the sagemcom as a modem/router, which i already know how to do.