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reply to robman50

Re: [Eastern Ontario] Email malfunctioning

we R in Florida. Cogeco webmail sooooooooo sloooooow.IF working at all. What gives? sure not impressed with Cogeco!


Beamsville, ON
Found this:
Webmail & Email - Maintenance in Progress


Bath, ON
reply to margaret
You should really forget about Cogeco webmail. I know they are updating it, but their track record is not good.

It is easy enough to set up Gmail or Outlook.com to fetch your Cogeco mail from the Cogeco severs. I have used both.

Outlook.com is quite new and replaces Microsoft's Hotmail (Don't know why they chose the name because it has nothing to do with another MS program called Outlook) It is very easy to setup to get your Cogeco email and you can add as many aliases (email addresses) as you wish. You don't have to do this, but it is sometimes useful.

I am considering going 100% to outlook.com. Not that Gmail wouldn't also be good, but it isn't as clean an interface.

·Cogeco Cable
said by Dingaan:

(Don't know why they chose the name because it has nothing to do with another MS program called Outlook)

I'm guessing you've never used Outlook Web Access or Outlook 2013? Outlook 2013 on my Windows 8 system looks very similar to my Outlook.com email.


Microsoft changed the name mainly because the name Hotmail was associated with children's email address etc. and wasn't seen as a very high tier product, while everyone seems to remember and like Outlook.

As for the webmail, I've heard multiple Cogeco reps saying that the webmail issues are supposed to be fixed "by the end of November", but in the meantime using mail2web.com is working for checking webmail. To my knowledge there aren't any ongoing POP issues, but the floor reps at Cogeco typically know about the issues way after the users do (although they tend to know about the issues way before they're allowed to advise it's a known issue) so I'll take what they say with a grain of salt.