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Does anyone still make good DSL modems?

Not this router combo crap. I want a good MODEM. period. Any suggestions? I use my own router with DD-WRT. The Westell I originally got from Verizon quit on me and the ActionTec they sent me is a model that, from what I'm reading, people are having difficulty getting to work properly as just a modem. I'd like to have a standard DSL modem to use instead, assuming Verizon will let me.


Nokesville, VA

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Back in 2005 when I became aware that DSL was available in my area (and I jumped on it like a duck on a June bug ) Verizon sent to me a Westell 6100 Dual Connect C90. Several years later, I started experiencing probs and determined that the Westell was the culprit.

After a particularly unsatisfactory experience with the folks in Mumbai, Verizon sent me an ActionTec modem/router replacement, but by that time I had acquired a replacement Westell C90 off of eBay. I gave the Actiontec to my cousin and set it up for her. With the exception of the one time it hiccupped and I had to get her out of the @^$#!*^ "Walled Garden", it has served her well.

The Westell C90 handles 3Mbps service very well. It also handled the 5Mbps service that they offered in my area for a brief time and I checked out with a 6-Month Trial Offer.

I currently am still using that replacement Westell C90 (I have a couple of more, pre-configured, in a box in the basement) along with a WNR3500L loaded with DD-WRT as the core of my home network.

North Tonawanda, NY
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The Westell 6100s Verizon hands out are still pretty solid units. Just put them in bridge mode if you have your own router, and they'll never need rebooting. I have had DSL service for almost 7 years now and I've had the original modem (minus one Verizon wanted back two weeks into the service due to a technical problem I experienced with the service). Handles 5Mbps/768kbps on a 2 mile long line with bare minimum stats without a problem. Just ask for a 6100, or pick one up from somewhere online.

I can't attest to other off-the-shelf units but I've heard good things about the Standalone D-Link modems.


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The only thing I'm seeing that does NOT have a router built in is a TP-Link. »www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a···-165-003

(forgot I have an account here.)

We've no issues at all with our older TP-Link 8616 ADSL2+ ethernet bridge unit, been working fine for several years.
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Germantown, MD
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I had Westell, then ZyXel (which I still have) and both were fine before I switched to fios. The ZyXel came in two flavorsne without and one with a switch built in otherwise nice solid/simple box.


Dallas, TX
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I would recommended ActionTec modems, I use it at home and its the modem were are currently supplying to or customers, haven't had any complaints.
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