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New issue Internet this time

Now my Internet is crap again like last night, and modem log shows docsis 3.0 recovery mode. Partial service fallback, lost mdd connection. On top of TV this is getting out of hand. Every other week I drop back to 3 down stream, while usually the connection maintains, this time it isn't. If there is an issue with the down steam it shouldn't take this long to fix, we are talking weeks now.


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Every single evening my 50 MB down package falls to 15 MB for 4-5 hour blocks of time. Yet, I keep being told that there is no congestion in my area here in the Cleveland suburbs (far west side). It's been going on, this time (because it's happened several times over the past many years) since roughly August.

I have replaced my modem. I have gone without a router in my home for weeks to assist in troubleshooting. I get a straight 50/5 throughout the day, with occasional latency issues.