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reply to Jim_in_VA

Re: Has anyone here tried unlimited4g.com yet?

I haven't seen it published, but we have one.

Their $79.99 per mo includes unlimited 4G (Wimax or LTE) and 35GB of 3G. No overage charges or throttling, but if you exceed the 35GB twice they may ask you to get service elsewhere.

The only difference in this and the Sierra 250U plan is the TriFi is an extra $99 to start, but still no contract required.

We have dealt with Wireless N Wifi for several years, Kevin, Karen and crew are great to work with. We have seasonal and sometimes emergency needs, and at any given moment have 5-15 of their modems out in the field, they provide a great service and support.

We have one semi-permanent location that is Wimax, now covered by LTE, but we are waiting for a tri-function USB modem to work with a Cradlepoint router.


North, VA
And how does this relate to Millenicom Wireless Broadband? Kind of bad posting advertising for a competing service don't you think?


Hernando, MS
I posted it here because I am a Millenicom customer. They have collected my $70 per month faithfully for about 3 years now. I am always on the lookout for better internet options, because I am in the same boat as most people in this forum who have no landline based internet options. I don't owe Millenicom anything, including my loyalty if I find a better deal. Having said that, I think Millenicom is a great company and the best option I've found so far. If the mods think it doesn't belong in this forum, they can move the thread and I won't mind one bit. And thanks for all the replies.