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Scarborough, ON

[DSL] Borderline sync after Bell did some work in the area

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Here's some background:

I have DSL and a POTS home phone with TekSavvy.

Oct 26-29: static on the line, DSL intermittent
Oct 29: called TekSavvy, opened a ticket with Bell. (during this call from my landline I could hear another party calling Bell, it's like we were having a party).
Oct 29 early afternoon: random call from an unknown number, didn't answer in time. Repeated call - it's the Bell tech. "Your line is fine, we're installing a new OPI". 1 minute later it's the Bell tech again "is the line TekSavvy?" yes...

I've given it a couple of weeks, my phone line is clear now, but my DSL signal stinks. It's "stable" but as you can see in the screenshot, it's borderline. Attenuation has gone up 4-5dB downstream/upstream and SNR has gone down at least 6dB. I used to have an attainable rate of near 8000kbps.


1. What's an OPI and why is my signal worse if it's new?!
2. Is there anything I can do to improve my signal? Stats are virtually the same at the demarc.
3. Will Bell automagically downgrade my sync back to 5mbit due to the crappy stats?


TSI Support2
TSI Support
Chatham, ON

Answers to your Questions.

Q1) OPI stands for "outside plant interface" AKA "Lucent Stinger" Typically this hardware is on a pole or in a metal cabinet on the ground.

I would have to do a line test from our side to truly determine what the line is syncing up as. So I will need account information.

Q2) If what you are saying, is that if the the signal is bad, coming from your demarc as well, then the only thing that I could ask you to do as a customer, is to try another modem, as everything else is non-customer hardware after the demarc.

Q3) This is a possibility, However if the line permits it, we can raise the line back up to speeds that are being requested.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Thank you.



Scarborough, ON
Only other modem I have is my old Alcatel SpeedTouch Home. Blast from the past - used Nubz AlcaTool to get these. Does the vendor look like a Lucent Stinger? Can't get full 6mbit sync on this but here you go :)

P.S. - I've PM'd my account info.

Operational data report : near end (Downstream)
Attainable line rate : 5604 kbit/sec
Attainable Atm rate : 5152 kbit/sec
Used line rate : 5480 kbit/sec
Fast used Atm rate : 5056 kbit/sec
Interleaved used Atm rate : 0 kbits/sec
Rel. capacity occupation : 98
Noise Margin : 4 dB
Line attenuation : 50 dB
Output Power : 19 dBm

Near End line operational data :
RelCapacity downstream = 98 pct
NoiseMargin downstream = 5.5 dB
OutputPower upstream = 12.0 dBm
Attenuation downsteam = 50.5 dB
Operational Mode = 2

Far end line operational data
relCapacity upstream = 104 pct
noiseMargin upstream = 8.0 dB
outputPower downstream = 19.0 dBm
Attenuation upstream = 28.0 dB

Near end identification :
ITU_VendorId countryCode : 15
ITU_VendorId vendorCode : ALCB
ITU_VendorId vendorSpecific : 0
ITU_StandardRevisionNbr : 1
ANSI_ETSI_VendorId : 22
ANSI_ETSI_VendorRevisionNbr : 1
ANSI_ETSI_StandardRevisionNbr : 1
ALC_ManagementInfo : 3

Far end identification :
ITU_VendorId countryCode : 255
ITU_VendorId vendorCode : GSPN
ITU_VendorId vendorSpecific : 8
ITU_StandardRevisionNbr : 1
ANSI_ETSI_VendorId : ffff
ANSI_ETSI_VendorRevisionNbr : 255
ANSI_ETSI_StandardRevisionNbr : 255

TSI Support2
TSI Support
Chatham, ON
reply to piotrick
Received your PM,

Here is your Line test:

GAS: XXX-XXX-XXXX - In Service
Last State Change: 11/20 21:38:26 (Uptime: 2580)
Line Profile: al1_d6016-6016-384_u800-800-256
DLM State: DISABLED | Equip. Type: FSLAM
Sync Rate: d6016.0/u800.0 kbps
RCO: d95.0/u79.0%
Noise Margin: d8.0/u14.0 dB
Power: d19.0/u12.0 dB
Attenuation: d55.0/u26.0 dB (Approx. Distance: 3.98~4.5km)
Block Count: d2203275.0/u157680.0

reply to piotrick
My thoughts... they are going around and grooming your lines in the area.

End result:
Your DSL is going to be shitty , and you promptly get a flyer telling you that Bell FIBE is now available in your area.....

Set fire to the OPI


Toronto , ON
reply to piotrick
Line attenuation : 50 dB


·Primus Telecommu..
reply to piotrick
said by piotrick:

Does the vendor look like a Lucent Stinger?
ITU_VendorId vendorCode : GSPN

No, it's the Globespan chipset on the LPA419 AP from an old Lucent AMAS.

The OPI is just that, an outside plant interface where F2 loops are fed to customers, there is no DSLAM or "Lucent Stinger" on it yet, or else Bell would of called it an OSLAM.

Your loop probably cross-connects through that new OPI causing that little bit of extra attenuation. Eventually they'll add a DSLAM to that OPI and you should get better service.


Scarborough, ON
Thanks TSIJonF and usuckbell. I think I'll ride the wave until that DSLAM gets installed.


Oshawa, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
·TekSavvy DSL
A Fslam is a co fed line, so based on his being a DSL customer and on legacy gas speeds, Most likely there is already a Slam in the Opi but he has been put on a combo card instead so that bell can feed more Fibe users from said opi. Honestly though His syncs not bad. though how the attenuation says 4-4.5km when 26db suggests more like 2.6 Kms is beyond me.. and the linestats teksavvy Posted seem fine snr is above 6 on the down and well above 6 on the up so should be stable.
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