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Powder Springs, GA

Is Comcast Triple Play right for me.

Retired and on fixed income, trying to save some money on phone and tv cost.

Here is what I have now:
2 land lines with ATT, complete choice unlimited plan. $95.00 + tax and fees.
6 mb DSL internet service with ATT. $43.00

Total with ATT $138.00 + tax and fees.

Dish Network sat.tv Top250+Blockbuster@home plan $95.00

Total for phone, internet service and tv $233.00

I can do with only 1 land line, will save $28.00.
That leave $205.00.

I have been with ATT/Bellsouth/Southern Bell for over 40 years, Dish Network for over 3 years.
Had relatively good service from both providers.

In my area, Powder Springs, GA, only alternative to ATT is Comcast.
Their Triple play plan seems to fit my need, may even save some money. But their servive and reliability is unknown to me.
Will I lose all 3 services together if the cable goes down?

Please give your feedback and suggestions.

jack b
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Cape Cod
If something physically takes down the cable, like a big storm or if a car wreck wipes out a pole, then you would more than likely lose all 3.
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Newtown, PA
reply to jt1948
You should be able to save decently with a triple play package. And if something takes down a pole, you are losing power anyway, so it doesn't matter if the rest goes out with it. Yes, you can have occasions where one or more of the services goes out. I've had TV go out, but not internet or phone, and vice-versa. I've also had all three go out. I've also had the power go out, but all three services still worked. If internet goes out, your phone always goes out with it. When you price out triple play, also price out an inexpensive cellular plan if you don't already have one. You'll want the cell phone as an emergency backup. Not a bad thing to have regardless.