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Southeast of disorder
Springfield, VA
reply to GotLTE

Re: Has anyone here tried unlimited4g.com yet?

It is a Millenicom forum, but there is no need for anyone to cop an attitude about it. If any of the regular users had bothered to hey mod me and suggest moving it to a more appropriate forum I would.

North, VA

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Grobinette it says Millenicom. It is not "Copping" an attitude to just wanting to stick with the listed topic. So Just go ahead and change the name to open discussion for all plans. It seems anymore that one or two come in and just ignore months/years of this being Millenicom related.

Why not make them a thread for their newfound interests? I am a regular member and poster so I'm suggesting you move it.


Saint Johns, MI
·Skyweb Online
reply to grobinette
Just my two cents, Grobinette, but I would dare to suggest that a topic of this nature IS relevant on a Millenicom forum, and here's why - the vast majority of us who post here live in the broadband wasteland. We've searched and searched for better internet for years. I've spent hours at my PC, trying to figure out if any new options had become available, and I'm sure others have as well. One day, a few years ago, I happened to be on the Verizon forum, and saw mention of a company called Millenicom. Here I am now, years later, with 20GB of LTE available to me per month, all thanks to a little evangelism. It's highly appropriate for one of our fellow ruralites to come here and make us aware of what MIGHT be a better option for SOME. This forum is about help and support, and I hope it will stay that way...
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