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Quebec, QC
reply to Guspaz

Re: OVH pricing at Montreal datacenter is... insane?

OVH is cheap but their support sucks. But yeah it's cheap. I have a server with them and I keep it because it's cheap and it's for my personal use, but I would not recommend them for anything critical.

Recently, I had disk performance issues (fsync/seconds very low). They claimed it's normal that an ubuntu server minimal install in KVM took more than 30 minutes to be done. I said no. I found later that their installer don't align properly partitions for 4k sectors. They say this change nothing. Yeah. And proxmox doesn't run properly on ext4/softraid1 (default ovh setup). Now my install time is 3 minutes! They never replied to my ticket after I said them my conclusions...

Oh and many other customers have the same problem I had. This is not a problem unique to my server/installation.

I asked compensation for this issue because they failed big time with my ticket (2 weeks w/o any answers!; server downtime because they failed to change the server on time we agreed; server downtime because the server was keep in rescue by an ovh tech; ...).

They asked I send a letter by registered snail mail. Seriously!


I can relate to ohmer! OVH is def. cheap but their support is stupidly ridiculous.

I hav 3 servers with them, 2 of them i7 series with 8tb HDD and 2 HDD failed contained data. There was no help despite of numerous requests. They replaced the HDD with new once after 2.5 weeks and those failed as well. Again down because of that. Their support is a joke!

On the other hand, one my server is 6 years old and no issues. That server my lucky server! Been running rock solid.

But if you want something cheap and don't care about the support, OVH FTW!


reply to ohmer
i used to be help a reseller do tech support 24/7 inside 2 months i brought him 80 clients