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Rochester, NY

Rochester NY outage?

Hi all, new user here from Rochester NY.

My DSL stopped working last night and I checked it again this morning, still no service. I have a Speedstream 5200 modem connected to a Vizio XWR100, and the Speedstream's DSL LED is on solid but the router is not getting an IP. I tried bypassing the router and connecting the PC right to the modem, same results (169.254.*.* IP). Multiple modem and router restarts of course, no change.

I called Frontier support, they entered a service ticket but also told me there were other reported DSL issues in New York so there might be an outage.

Is anyone else experiencing an outage right now? If not, what are the chances my modem is in need of replacement? Any suggestions? (I did not see standalone modems in the Frontier FAQ, just modem/routers.)

Thanks, Rob


Rochester, NY
Whatever it was, it is working now; got a valid IP now.


Hetes to hoping mine works when we get home. At Mom's now. Bought a new modem and everything. Tech support told me my modem had gone bad (again). I will find out what the problem was., and make sure they update my ticket.


reply to rpm1200
The 5200 is one of the oldest modems Frontier has out there! Call and ask them to mail you a Westell 7550