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Lincoln, NE

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reply to BlueArcher

Re: 24 Mbps package

Just for comparison, my download speed to the site you listed is about twice yours. About 750 KB/s, which should be, what...about 6Mbps? I've gotten other downloads up to about 16Mbps using bittorrent, so maybe it's a bottleneck in Windstream's routing somewhere?

For comparison:
Line 0
SNR Margin (dB): 15.3 12.0
Attenuation (dB): 22.5 11.7

Line 1
SNR Margin (dB): 17.0 12.4
Attenuation (dB): 23.0 11.3

Assuming that higher SNR Margin values are better (since that would seem to mean that you have a better signal to noise ratio), it seems that your lines are better than mine...

Nashville, TN
Interesting about your speeds to the ANL site. Usually that thing flies. I have really yet to find any site that consistently even fills up 12 Mbps for me, something I had no trouble with before. Even repeated speed tests to the same destination yield wildly fluctuating speeds.

Higher margins are better, lower attenuation is better. My line is perfect stats wise and the tech tested it multiple times inside and outside and agree with that.

I like your 5 ms ping to that Plattsmouth site. Almost guarantee they are hosting that thing inside a Windstream facility, or their ISP is peering with Windstream in Omaha. It would be hard to have 5 ms otherwise. That is probably why you smoke that test on speed.

I just downloaded the new Nvidia beta driver for Assassin's Creed III support, and I had a hard time breaking 300 KB/s. The graph is a perfect example of fluctuating speeds.. I never really hit a flat line on any transfer.

user formerly known as 'bsc'