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Bluffton, SC
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Re: WIN8 on new laptop=crap

Thought was simply buy a Roku or boxee something like that but a cheap laptop would be more useful. Well combo of coupons etc got a laptop in the price range I was looking. I was looking simple stuff no point in over kill, my main computer runs three screens and I use it to make a living, different matter all together. Win 8 is a shock to me, it feels like a phone play toy or tablet. What I run for work is not an app or at least a win 8 app and won't be. Win 8 also feels like some wide open crapware device. In the end you are right I should have been paying attention I know MS is looking to get more money out of an OS and this is the way they are heading, mindless app clickers.

Premium,Ex-Mod 2001-08

Your problem is you are focusing too much on the interface. Take some time to learn what is behind it and you will see the OS is just as capable as Windows 7, will run anything Windows 7 can handle and offers some pretty neat features.

Did you know:

You can now mount an ISO image via File (Windows) Explorer?

You can run a "quick" chkdsk while an NTFS volume is mounted to tell you if the utility needs to be run on the disk?

Task Manager can provide details on Startup programs and how they impact the performance of the machine?
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