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Beaverton, OR

[PvE] Quest lines that you do on all your toons

Is there a specific quest line that you do on all of your toons? Whether it be for lore reasons, rewards, or other reasons.

For me it would have to be all the Nesingway quest lines. For some reason i am always drawn to them and complete them. I used to do it for all the exp and quest rewards while leveling, but then I found that even if I blew past them dungeon leveling I would always gravitate back to them and do them regardless of level. Even still with the shared achievements I have found myself going back and finishing them up on all my toons.

Anyone else have a quest line that they feel compelled to do for one reason or another?
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Dodge, NE
Full Caravan

i always do that one, and the Brunhildar quests to unlock the Sons of Hodir


Phoenix, AZ
reply to Braincramp
I always do the Hemet Nesingwary quests in each zone as well. Another fun quest line is the Harrison Jones quest line in Uldum.


Moncton, NB
Pretty interesting topic.

I have to admit on some toons i skip questing all together.

But my favorite quests are NEsingwary, like you guys.

But to add something new....

I realy like Horde Northrend Leveling Guide - D.H.E.T.A.'s Little P.I.T.A.

I like to pretend I am personnaly trolling Pamela Anderson.

Infact both the Fjord and Tundra questing lines through out I tend to do. Once they are done, it's just dungeons ect until Cata.

For classic quests I like the undead starting quest line and the follow up in silverpine. The stonetalon questline was really well done to.


Augusta, GA
reply to Braincramp
For all my toons that start horde side i will do the Deatholme quest chain; give a very cool looking 2hander at the end and a "Bloodelf looking" shield along the way, a sweet looking staff for the casters, and back before there were heirloom cloaks it gave a sweet twink cloak as a reputation reward for exalted with Tranquilien.
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Evans, GA
reply to Braincramp
I love the whole "punch deathwing in the face" quest hub. Actually, that whole zone was reworked magnificently. I like the flow of Mt. Hyjal and Uldum is fun (but not on every toon... just once in a blue moon).

Alexandria, VA
reply to Braincramp
I don't go out of my way to do quest lines. Out of necessity, I end up doing most of Hyjal for gear so I can queue.

My GF and I leveled pandas via RAF. 15-80 in less than 6 hours was ridiculous amounts of fun.


Staten Island, NY
reply to Braincramp
every character i have over level 78 is exalted with the Kal'uak


Aurora, CO
reply to Braincramp
I take my toons through either SW or Org rep areas to get exalted for the discount on flight skills. Though on undead toons I really like the Silverpine storyline. Best reworked quest chain in Cata IMHO. For leveling I do like EPL caravan, and on the few skinners I have Nesingwary chains are a requirement. Northrend pretty much goes, Tundra, Dragonblight to Wrathgate cinematic, dungeons/BG's to 78 then Storm Peaks to unlock Hodir area. Cata zones go Hyjal and then Uldum, which will now get you to 85 with BoA's.

Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX
For city rep just get the tabard.

Keep It Simple
I always do the Hyjal questline when you bring back Cenarius, Malorne and Aviana after reading how they all died to the burning legion it just makes me feel safe to have them back.
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