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Re: Server Network Interface Randomly "Locks Up"

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I'll have to take a look into it further when I'm there. Figured I'd post up to see if anyone's had this experience before. I just looked through the System Logs and everything seems to be operating as normal until the 15th lots of log activity. Then boom nothing until I rebooted the server on the 20th. Nothing odd in the logs from what I can see.

The only thing I see is when I brought the system back up and it says the shutdown was not expected and that's because the powerbutton on the server was pressed to reboot it once it became unresponsive and they didn't have a console to connect to it.

I'll have to see whats up by directly connecting but from looking at the logs nothing happens since the system locked up until it was rebooted.
Edrick Smith
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San Jose, CA
·AT&T U-Verse

What model NIC(s) are in the server? Likewise what is your network configuration? Are you on a real network with managed switches and routers, or is this a consumer-level broadband setup? The former would give you detailed information about packet activity and interface status.

Since you're saying the whole machine is locking up, requiring a hard power cycle, then I don't think it's the network interface that is locking up - sounds like the whole machine is. Unfortunately none of those Event Log screens you posted show anything relevant since you're not highlighting any of importance.