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Arlington, TX
·Time Warner Cable
reply to Mele20

Re: Time Warner Boosting Standard Speed to 15Mbps

said by Mele20:

Hawaii will NOT be participating in this upgrade until AT LEAST END OF FIRST QUARTER NEXT YEAR. That is if Oceanic is allowed by corporate to make the decision.

CEO should not open his mouth if he doesn't have his facts straight. Oceanic does not have enough available bandwidth to do it by the end of this year. Of course, corporate could FORCE the upgrade via the RDC, located since January 2005 at Orange RR, like they did when Oceanic refused to upgrade to 5/1 in January 2005 like the rest of the franchises did. Oceanic claimed they weren't ready then either and stated that corporate could not force them to do it until they were ready which they estimated to be by end of July 2005.

Corporate responded to that defiance by ripping the RDC away from Oceanic at Mililani, Oahu and putting it at Orange RR and instructed Orange to forcibly push the upgrade which Oceanic had said they would block but with no RDC at Oceanic anymore....well the upgrade was pushed end of January 2005 and Oceanic's network ground to a complete halt about two weeks later. For 4.5 days no one in the state (including businesses) had RR connection. It was a terrible mess from then on until end of July.

I wonder if corporate will force Oceanic to upgrade us before the end of this year like the CEO's announcement stated. If so, I wonder what havoc this may wreck on the Hawaii RR network.

first off TWC has upgraded the network since 2005! DOCSIS 3.0 supports faster speeds and does channel bonding so it won't be caos like you said. Secondly where did you get your info on it won't be done until first quarter?

I believe Oceanic TWC is doing some major upgrades as we speak as they have announced channels moving from QAM 122.x to 134.x statewide and from ??? to 135.x for military bases. well that I knew Oceanic TWC was 750MHz except for the 3 areas that had a 550MHz lineup until 2007-2008 time frame. So I am guessing TWC is finishing up a 750MHz to 860MHz/1GHz rebuilt on the islands.

Hilo, HI
I never said Oceanic stopped upgrading the network in 2005. Read my post more carefully and you will note that I was comparing a FORCED upgrade to 15/1 for standard to the FORCED upgrade of 3/384 to 5/384 that occurred in Jan 2005.

My source is very high up in Oceanic management. He has said more bandwidth is needed and it will take that long to free it up from analog tv side.
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